Book Review: Everything Alice

I'd wanted this book for a while, so was really pleased to find it under the tree at Christmas! I've never been a huge Alice in Wonderland fan but something about this book captured my imagination. If you are already an Alice fan, this book is a must for your crafting collection!

Created by two crafters Hannah Read-Baldrey & Christine Leech, Everything Alice is a 143 pages long with 50 Wonderland inspired makes. Throughout the book, you really can feel their genuine love of Everything Alice and read some of the story behind the creation of the book. I really enjoyed this personal element.

At the start of the book, there is a page titled 'Craft Kit' but it doesn't included everything you'd need to make all of the items in this book but does 'suggest' what we should all have in out kits. (Mosaic grout isn't something I would have on hand!)

I think it's fair to say that these tutorials are more advanced and require a fair bit of preparation before you make them to make sure you have all the right supplies. If you are confident enough to try them out, they would make lovely and special gifts for someone. They may require a little bit more skill to make but the results would be well worth it. Tutorials have mainly text based instructions which I find can sometimes be harder to follow.

The book is also dotted party game ideas and  few simpler and quirky ideas for an Alice inspired tea party. I absolutely love the idea of these drink me cordials and I think they would go down a treat with children! I'd love to rock up to a party and see these on the table as much as a kid would!

I also love these teacup candles, definitely going to have to get myself down the charity shops to pick up some old china! These are being made for sure!

Another example of how some skill would be required for the crafts in this book are these amazing cookies! I would love to receive a box of these as a gift but i'm not sure mine would end up looking like this!

Sewing features quite a lot in this book so a sewing machine is a must. I love these aprons, maybe when i'm a more confident sewer I will try one! If you were going to a fancy dress party, there is lots of great ideas in this book to make your costume stand out! 

Overall, I am very happy to have this book in my collection and I thoroughly enjoy flicking through its pages. 

Tutorials ★★★★
Practicality ★★★★★
Design & photography ★★★★
Overall ★★★★★

You can purchase this book HERE.

PS. Me and Sean went as Alice in Wonderland & The Mad Hatter to a fancy dress party last year! Maybe this started my love of Alice?! Haha!


  1. Oh, this book looks really neat. I am an avid crafter and love trying new projects. If you haven't already, I'd check out the "Sew Darn Cute" craft book, I love it!

    PS: I am loving your blog!


  2. It's definitely a lovely look to own! I can't wait to make some drink me cordials! I just had a look at sew darn cute... and purchased it! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Love your blog too! I just became a follower!!

    PS. Wyatt is SO cute!!!!

  3. I got this book a fair while ago and found it so genuinely delicious to read through! It was a feast to my eyes! I completely agree, I've never gone mad for Alice things, however want to make everything in this book! I recently made cup candles and the cake stand! There are so many things I want to make that I dont know what to make next! I actually really like the mixture of pictures with text and the design is stunning. xxx