Bake. Shop. Sleep.

I've been MIA for a couple of days because...

It was my cousins birthday, so I baked her a cake and popped round for a mini celebration!

I also baked some sugar free, diabetic friendly, chocolate & walnut brownies for a friend. I had to test it out first of course! Turned out really well! If anyone want's the recipe let me know!

The mothership has also been on a weeks holiday from work, so we've been spending some quality time together doing what we do best... shop! This was my attempt at not spending any money. I. Suck.

In my defense, these 3 were in the House of Fraser sale. My suede jacket was a bargain, reduced to £50 from £200! Mum treated me to that!  

Another pair of skinny jeans, this time from Zara. I like them tight at the ankle so this pair seemed perfect!

I've also been studding again! I've had this jacket from Mango for about 10 years! (Hoarder alert!) but I still like it so I thought i'd jazz it up a bit!

And finally it's 5.55pm and so bloody dark, all I want to do is get in bed and watch the Celebrity Big Brother eviction and the latest episode of Vampire Diaries! Zzzz...

Normal blogging to resume from this moment on! Hope you have all had a good week?

Lisa X 


  1. sugar free brownies. recipe please! surely this is not possible without it tasting like cack? Obviously if it is good I believe you, but would like to try it for meself!