Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

Today I met up with Sean for our annual trip to Winter Wonderland which is on every Christmas in Hyde Park. First we stopped at Covent Garden for some TGI Friday's Jack Daniels glazed ribs and basically, they are the best ribs ever. EVER. If you haven't tried them, get on that shizzle. The sauce they come with is like liquid crack. Not that I'm familiar with crack but you know what i'm getting at. 

Afterwards we met up with Sean's sister Kirsty and headed to Hyde Park for a mooch around and general merriment. We have been hell bent on getting a pretzel for the last few weeks and finally that mission was accomplished! We went for the chocolate one which was pretty good, until you got to the bit without chocolate and then it was just like stale bread. Didn't love it but didn't hate it either. That is our verdict. 

So here are a few photos from the day! It's not almost 1am, my feet hurt and I'm ready for some serious Zzzz's before hitting the supermarket tomorrow to buy the Christmas food!

Good Night!

Lisa X

Sean had seen this shop a while ago and said I would love it so we paid a visit to Sass & Belle's Covent Garden store. I did love it and I bought...

This 'MAKE DO AND MEND' wooden garland for £5.99 :-)

Big balls in Covent Garden *smirk*

Piccadilly Circus

'The Balcony' at Buckingham Palace

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

My first ever pretzel!

Me (obvs!) outside Santa Land


  1. so are ever so festively preeeetttyy!
    I've never been in sass & belle, I think I would max out my credit card. I've also never been to winter wonderland, for much the same reason, and partly because I am normally a Scroogey.
    The only time i've had a pretzel was in Istanbul from a street stall, from memory they were made from sweetened bread, and were scrumptious!
    Ho ho ho!x
    Happy C

  2. I want to own Sass & Belle! I wanted everything in there!!! Winter wonderland is good but the rides are a fiver a time! Not great for the festive pocket!!!! The pretzel didn't have enough chocolate on it! I'm going to try making them myself, thus enabling me to be a fat bastard and coat the whole thing! haha!!

    Merry Christmas!!! X

  3. Wowww this looks amazing! Wish I could be there :) xxxx