Ultimate Apple Pie Recipe

Today I embraced the unknown and made pastry for the first time. OK so it wasn't anything complicated like puff pastry but still "slowly slowly catchy monkey" as my mum would say!

After some googling I decided to use the 'Ultimate apple pie' recipe on the Good Food website. I love a star rating/review and the general consensus on this pie was yes, it was indeed the ultimate apple pie. That's good enough for me so I gave it a go!

This is how mine turned out! I know it's not the prettiest of pies, and to my annoyance my pastry shrunk (should have left more of an overhang) but.... BUT... it tasted AH-MAZING. It lived up to it's name and I highly recommend anyone giving the recipe a go! I also added in 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg and used white and golden brown sugar but other than that I stuck to the recipe. Delicious!

There's loads leftover for another slice with vanilla ice cream tomorrow! Christmas indulgence much? 

We also had a little flurry of snow this morning! It lasted for all of 15 minutes and then it was gone. Still keeping my fingers crossed for a white Christmas though!

Lisa X


  1. Waaaa! apple pie is my fave! I want to try one with caramel topping one day, but I have never ever made a sweet pie IN MY LIFE!

  2. I saw some recipes for the caramel! I have a bad track record with most things involving hot sugar and caramel though so I wouldn't trust myself not to end up in casualty! Hahah! Try the pie! Make it! You won't be sorry!!

  3. Haha I love the last pic - your dog is going crazy for the snow :)

  4. I didn't realise she was in the photo until I put it into iPhoto, when I zoomed in on her it was such a bizarre action shot that looked like she was trying to eat the snow haha!