Sunday haulin'

This is how my Sunday with mum turned out. Whoops...

1. Christmas cards from Paperchase £2.75 each
2. Candy Canes from Waitrose £1.99
3. Peppermint handwash - TKMaxx £3.99
4. Models Own polish 'In the navy' - Boots £5.00

John Lewis
5. East of India shipping tags £4.00
6. Essie polish 'First Dance' £7.99 
7. Bobbi Brown Luminous moisturizing foundation £26.10
8. Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder £20.70
9. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream £32.40
(The Bobbi Brown items were an early Christmas present from my mum and they had 10% off! Thank you mum!! X)

And lastly... A glitter reindeer from Paperchase £4.50 TACK-TASTIC! I love it!!!

I have to hit up Hobbycraft tomorrow morning for some supplies, as i'm taking part in the weekly bake-off's secret sant and I need to create my gift! I'll post up tutorials of anything I make! I also managed to get a square rubber baking tray today for 1/2 price so I can make marshmallows next week! Can't wait! 

Hope you have all had a good weekend and, if like me, you braved the shopping centers, you have my utter sympathy. All that's left now is to order a chinese and wait for X Factor to come on! I've said it once, and i'll say it again... I LOVE SUNDAYS!

PS. The house is gradually getting more festive!


  1. Your home looks absolutely amazing!!!! I love how warm and sparkely it looks :) Traditionally wintry, yet exciting. Well done, Lisa!

  2. Thank you! :-) I want fairy lights up all year round! They have to be my favorite! I'm waiting for the shops to start reducing the Christmas items to 50% off so I can buy even more!! X