A Foodie Year in Pictures

This is a random post but I was looking at the photos on my phone (so this doesn't include ones taken on my digital camera!) and it became apparent just how much I take photos of food! I don't know whether to be impressed or embarrassed about this but I thought I would share my 2011 phone food timeline none the less! I think I have a problem...

Lisa X

I also just got a treat from the Postman (That sounds WRONG) in the shape of my @weeklybakeoff secret santa gift!

How gorgeous is the brooch and the felted Christmas pudding! I really love them so thank you to @T1ickledP1ink for such a thoughtful gift! X


  1. I love this "montage" of foodie pictures!! Surprising how pretty food can look... yum! :D xx

  2. Food always makes me happy! Eating it or looking at it haha! X

  3. looks really cool, nice pictures http://penelopesbeautyobsession.blogspot.com/2011/12/electiric-disco-17-cosmetics.html

  4. FOOOOD PORN! thanking you kindly! whatever is 4th row down right hand picture I love the look of!!

    this my last foody post! http://bdbrighton.blogspot.com/2011/12/in-which-i-get-foody.html

  5. That's the chocolate fudge from this post!! http://thegluegungirl.blogspot.com/2011/11/super-easy-chocolate-fudge.html

    Heading over to your food porn post now hahaha!!