ETSY FIND: Jewellery by Dolly Bird

I've decided that each week I want to share a seller from either Etsy or Folksy that I have found and love, to help promote and support handmade.

Once upon a time, the only jewellery I would wear was silver and I always bought sterling silver. I actually still have all the pieces i've collected up over the last 10 years. As i've got older, my jewellery has become cheaper and more disposable. Primark is the main culprit, I can't resist a £1.50 ring even if 2 days later my fingers turned green or my silver necklace is tinged with a bronze hue. I've become a bit of a quantity not quality buyer.

I'm kicking off these posts with a seller and store I came across on Etsy called Dolly Bird and metalsmith Katie Johansson creates the most beautiful jewellery. I forgot what it felt like to genuinely fall in love with a piece of jewelley that you would want to wear for years to come, that was handmade, unique and a little bit special. It's time for me to revamp the jewellery box and I know what the first items I want are going to be....

This is the ring that I first laid eyes on from Dolly Bird and it's a gold dust quartz ring set in sterling silver. Something about it just makes me happy and I love the unusual design and unique way of mixing gold and silver. This ring is $95. (Roughly £63)

I have always loved deep blue and navy so it was only natural I would be drawn to this ring like a magpie. The gem stone is emerald blue apatite and again set in sterling silver and costs $125. (Roughly £82)

These are just my favorite rings but there are plenty more to feast your eyes! Maybe Santa will buy me one of these rings for Christmas...............

Lisa X


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