DIY Christmas pudding ornament

1) Paint 1/2 of your bauble with white paint making the edge scalloped.

2) While the paint is wet, sprinkle over your white glitter. (I didn't have any glitter so used salt to give some texture)

3) Turn a cardboard box upside down and make a small slit in the top. You can push the ornament hoop through it so that it can dry without any of the paint smudging.

4) Cut out 2 holly leaves from your green felt and a small berry from your red felt. You can wrap the red felt around a small bead for the same effect as my berry. Glue them to the top of your pudding.

5) Add some ribbon to hang your ornament and you're done! You could also just cover any bauble in white paint and glitter to make a snowball!


  1. Ah these are so cute! I need to get myself to hobbycraft!

  2. I bought the brown baubles about 3 years ago from Ikea pack of 10 for about £1! I knew there was a reason for hoarding them! Hobbycraft is our Holy Land! lol!