Craft Room Project: Stage 1

Hello my lovelies!

I hope everyone is uber excited for the fast approaching Christmas day and that you've survived the shops and have started your wrapping! (If you haven't then you could always take a sneaky look at my wrapping posts HERE & HERE) In our house, we always seem to leave the Christmas food shop until a couple of days before and naturally, as it's something food related, I love it. To be fair, it must be a nightmare for my mum as I definitely inherited the food obsessed gene from my dad and the pair of us must be a pain in the backside in Tesco.

I love how everyone always food shops like their going to be dishing out ration books come boxing day! I remember when, shock horror, NOTHING was open on boxing day! A WHOLE DAY WITH NO SHOPS OPEN! How did people survive?! To this day, I can't go shopping or do anything other than stay in on boxing day, it just doesn't feel right to me.

I'm totally going off on a tangent here, so allow me one more, totally unrelated to the title paragraph, to say I am currently sporting a beautifully festive desktop background from Mon Carnet. It's available in English or if you prefer Français!

{Download it for free HERE}

OK, onto what my post was originally meant to be about...


My "craft room" is a spare bedroom in our house that I have claimed as my own. It's a perfect space, perfect size and already has some storage cupboards either side of the chimney breast BUT, in typical Lisa fashion, I have a desk shoved in the corner and the whole floor space is usually a dumping ground for everything I don't want in my bedroom. It was recently painted but it is, at present, completely devoid of character, personality and workability. 

As two of the main walls are stud walls, I can't put up shelving which I initially wanted so I have been on good ol' Pinterest looking for inspiration and DIY desk tutorials. Yes. I might actually build my own desk! 

I thought I would share with you some of the craft rooms I would like to take inspiration from and it's going to be my first project of 2012. 

What do you guys think? Which room is your favorite? 

Lisa X

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