Christmas Gift wrapping & Tissue Paper Flower Bomb Tutorial

I can't believe it's only ONE WEEK TIL' CHRISTMAS!!!! I am beyond excited. As I type it is currently snowing (although it's alternating between big snowflakes and rain so it's a bit rubbish really) so it gave me a kick up the arse to start my gift wrapping.

I usually always use brown paper to wrap my presents as it's cheap and easy to work with unlike some of the thin slippery wrapping paper. It also means you can go to town on the decoration! Naturally I used washi tape and then picked up a few bits from the £1 section in hobbycraft like packets of letters and tissue paper. I thought i'd show you how to make a tissue paper flower bomb so here goes!

You'll need: 

6 pieces of 10x10 inch tissue paper
A piece of wool, string or a sandwich bag tie
A pair of scissors

Lay out your tissue paper one on top of the other. I used red and green tissue so I alternated each colour. Make a 1 - 1.5 inch fold on your tissue paper, turn over and repeat on the same side like you would if you were making a fan.

Once you've folded it all you'll be left it this accordion looking piece.

Using your string, tie it in a knot in the middle of your folded tissue paper.

Shape the ends of your tissue, this will determine the petal shape. You can do points, rounded (like I have) of leave them blunt.

Turn the tissue on it's side and spread out your fan.

Carefully pull each layer of tissue up towards the middle. You need to be super gentle or else you will rip the tissue paper. Repeat on both sides.

This is the finished flower bomb! The size of the tissue paper you start with will determine the size of your finished flower so you can always go larger or smaller! Then just glue or tape them onto the top of your gifts!

I'll leave you with some photos of my wrapping, it's one of my favorite things to do! If you have any photos of your wrapped gifts I would love to see! Link me up in the comments!

Lisa X

PS. If all else fails, decorate yourself!


  1. Love this idea! Might utilise it for my wedding, as I have decided no real flowers!

  2. Thanks girls! :-)

    Such a good idea to not have real flowers at your wedding! I love that idea! I remember seeing some bouquets on Etsy made from paper flowers and they were beautiful!

  3. wow such a good idea :) the paper flowers are amazingggg :) I love them . great post xxx

  4. Great christmas gift wrapping collections.