2012: Thou Shall Save Thy Money

As I won't be posting until we've hit the new year I wanted to share with you, one of my resolutions. I'm very much a 'go with the flow' type person and I usually refuse to make them, but this year feels different. For the first time i'm going into a New Year without any of the previous year(s) hang ups. I've decided to change career, something that feels like the biggest shakeup of my life but one i'm actually looking forward to!! My motto for starting 2012 is 'Out with the old, in with the new'.

Brace yourself, this is a bit of a ramble!

Now is the perfect time for a clean slate and one of the things I want to focus on is saving money. If you follow me on twitter, you'll have noticed that my latest guilty pleasure is watching back to back episodes of extreme couponing. There are always episodes on Discovery Real time but if you don't have this channel, you can find all the episodes online. It's basically about American men & women collecting coupons for money off grocery shopping totaling amounts like $1000 and paying $5 for it.

Although this is a complete extreme way to shop, takes them hours and hours of planning and here in the UK we don't have the amount of offers and coupons that is available in the US, it doesn't mean we can't take part on some level. 

I think it's a very British thing to not use money off coupons even if you have them. Our attitude is very much that we can't be bothered with the fuss over saving 20p off a loaf of bread. But all these savings add up and there is ways to find and print out coupons for money off items that you use regularly. for instance, go onto Facebook and 'Like' the Philadelphia cream cheese page and you get a £1 coupon for a 200g or above tub. A 200g tub costs exactly £1 so therefore its FREE! Try www.beforeishop.co.uk to get you started!

{Click the coupon to be taken to the printable voucher}

Another great website I have found is www.mysupermarket.co.uk where you can do your grocery shopping online and it will tell you how much it will cost at each supermarket. As you shop it will also tell you if you can save money on an item or if a cheaper item is available that you can swap with. I checked out our weekly shop and you can see the money saving for yourself! Also if it's the first time you check out with them, you get £10 off when you spend £50 or above which would have taken my total to £53.58. Why spend £72 at ASDA when I can only spend £53 at Tesco? I think we all need to adopt the attitude of 'why should I give away £20 extra of my money?' because you worked for it and if someone wanted to dock 2 hours of your pay you wouldn't be happy about it! That £20 you worked for so keep it in your pocket!

Lets face it, the weather is going to be pretty dismal for the next couple of months so, why not spend one Sunday afternoon looking for some coupons? Do you shopping online and see how much you can save. Sort through all your old clothes or bits and bobs you no longer want or use and sell them! Have a blog sale, put them on ebay, do a car boot or donate them to charity. It'll soon all add up and think of all the great things you can do with the extra money thats tied up in things you no longer want or that you are giving away for the sake of not getting that coupon out of your purse!

I hope you all have a fantastic New Years Eve whatever you're doing and here's to an amazing 2012!

Lisa X

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right" - Oprah (For Sean!)


  1. I watched a documentary on 4OD last night about people who do this in the UK! My mum often uses coupons from newspapers or magazines and when watching the documentary I thought 'that is genius!'
    I'm quite stingy myself so have NO problem with flashing the coupons, I think it's right up my street!

  2. Do you remember what the documentary was called? Totally need to watch that! I LOVE a coupon, it's just a shame that companies over here are a bit tight at giving them out! Good on your mum for using them!! Savvy! I'm going to write to some companies of products I use regularly and see if they will send me some money off vouchers! If you don't ask, you don't get! lol xxx

  3. Will you please come and live with me and be my personal budgetter? I am notoriously bad at wasting money. This year I have two holidays (not outrageous ones but still...) and a wedding to save for. I have given myself a no spending on clothes/makeup/shoes/books until the end of march (apart from three days in Frankfurt) and whatever I have left at the end of that I will stick right into the wedding pot. I really need to get round to putting stuff on ebay too!
    Once, more as an experiment than anything, I tried to survive for a week on food purchased from the 99p shop alone... I lasted 5 days, then needed something tasty and substantial! Woman cannot live on noodles, cereal bars & polish jarred vegetables alone, it seems!
    wahh. mega long essay, sorry n all that! Good luck with the "scrimping" x

  4. Up until recently, budget hasn't been part of my vocabulary! But i've decided to turn over a new leaf as I want to save for a trip to the US for my 30th this year!

    Always helps having a goal to spur you on and stop you from spending like its going out of fashion! I think saving for a wedding is the BEST excuse! I'm jealous you get to plan a wedding! I'm always looking at this site http://www.stylemepretty.com/ even though I have no boyfriend or prospect of a ring!

    Get on ebay and rake the cash in! LOL @ trying to survive on 99p shop food! Hahah! I applaud your efforts! I like going in them shops and spotting the items that would actually cost you less in Tesco! Sneaky bastards!

    Scrimp to win and Happy New Year!! X

  5. The UK version is Super Scrimpers - Gemfatale is in it! Love her blog!
    I watched loads of Extreme Couponing when I went to New York - it's fascinating isn't it! I've got a few little ideas for money making in 2012 - craft related so I'll link you to any blog posts if/when it all comes together!