Yarn & felt wreath

Hey Guys!

This is a repost from my old blog that will be removed soon and I wanted to share it on here. Some of you may have seen it already but if you haven't, I hope you like it!

I've been wanting to add something else decorative to my bedroom for a while but I haven't been able to decide what I want. I would have loved some sort of shabby chic mirror but, while I currently have an 80s mirror wardrobe going on in there, more mirrors would be a little too 360 degree view for my liking! 

After having my usual midnight browse on google (my favorite search is "felt pattern" I kept seeing all these yarn (or wool as I would call it!) wreaths decorated with felt flowers. Perfect. Off to Mecca (HobbyCraft) I went Friday afternoon and purchased everything I would need. 

All the items I bought came to £14 and I will point out I have 4 sheets of felt a whole bunch of the little pearls on wires left over so had I not got the extra just in case, you can get all the materials for £10-12! I didn't get the buttons in HobbyCraft, I have large jars filled with lots of random vintage buttons which I buy in mixed bags from places like eBay & Etsy. All you need now is a couple of spare hours, someone to make you frequent cups of tea and your good to go!

You'll need:

♥ Ball of yarn (Wool!)

♥ Large polystyrene wreath (These come in various sizes) 

♥ Sheets of felt in any colour scheme you fancy

♥ Glue gun

♥ Scissors

♥ Buttons

♥ Ribbon or Lace

1) Wrap the yarn around your wreath tightly and tie a knot.

2) Wrap the yarn round and round until the whole wreath is covered. I went over mine twice to make sure none of the polystyrene could be seen. This process takes a while, put something on to watch and keep winding!

3) Once your wreath is covered, tie a knot at the back and cut. 

4) Your wreath will look something like this!

5) Decorate however you wish! I chose to glue on flowers flowers I made, some lace and pearl beading.

The main flower on my felt & yarn wreath is a white felt Daliha with a silver and crystal button glued into the middle.

The tutorial I used is by Holidash and the instructions are nice and easy to follow. I love making felt flowers as they are quite simple and once you've made one you will be come addicted! Glue on a brooch pin and add them to cushions, clothing, hats or basically anything you fancy! 


  1. I love this for holiday gift-giving!!! Such a cool idea!!

  2. i started making mini ones of these! :)

  3. this may sound dumb but could I get a step by step in creating the Daliha flowers?