Tree envy

A year back I spent a second Christmas up in the Lake District with one of my best friends Elizabeth (aka Dude) while she was house sitting for her parents. They literally live right on the edge of lake Ullswater and it is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. We woke up every day and looked out on this...

Elizabeths mum (Lady Judith as I like to call her) always 'does' the holidays so well, quite uncharacteristically so for us Brits! She will go all out for Halloween and Christmas is no exception. In the kitchen, I fell in love with her white Christmas tree that was covered in red chilli pepper lights and decocted with foodie goodness like candy canes, cupcakes and chocolate bars! Naturally, I want to recreate this at home but do you think I can find these kinds of ornaments? Nope. <Insert angry face here> !!!

I have been searching the web desperately trying to find some but anything remotely similar in the UK can cost a staggering £15 for ONE ornament or the shipping from US sites would just plain bankrupt you. I have been watching haul videos by the lovely sparklyblonde1 and lusting over all the amazing items she has been buying just reaffirming that I need to move to America!
All these ornaments are available in the US from Sur la table

If anyone knows where you can get these types of glass blow decorations in the UK please do let me know! I'm also thinking it might be a nice idea to do a decoration swap if anyone is interested? It could be shop bought or handmade but would be nice to add to your tree. Do let me know in the comments if you would like me to organise this!
Finally I will leave you with a photo of Lady J's Emma Bridgewater filled dresser. Yet another thing I now want to collect! I am turning into quite the magpie, I will end up on an episode of hoarders! 

Have a lovely day and remember to enter my CONTEST if you haven't already done so!


  1. Aahh, this has made me so excited for Chistmas!

  2. Me too! I also saw this while I was browsing and it reminded me of your blog! xx

  3. I feel extremely festive all of a sudden!

  4. You know me, always festive! I did make up put the Christmas tree up the start of November in Strats! Hahah!!! ;-) X

  5. I love that tree! I haven't had a proper Christmas tree since I've lived at home, how sad. We have a tiny table top one that becomes overwhelmed with all our ornaments.
    I need to find that macaron ornament! My cousin has a pink tree with cupcake ornaments, I have to find the pic and tweet it to you.
    Do you want to do an ornament (and whatever else) swap?

  6. That dresser is gorgeous, so jealous!xxx

  7. @ Anastasia & Emily - The dresser is so amazing!! I'm going to start asking for a piece of Emma Bridgewater for special occasions to build up a collection! X

    @Vilay The macaroon ornament is so cute isn't it! I might have to make the real thing tonight as a consolation prize! lol!! Totally up for doing a swap! Drop me and email and we'll organise it!! :-) X