Too early for Christmas? NOPE!

Although I generally start talking about (annoying people) with the mention of Christmas from July, once Halloween is over, I see it as an absolute green light to start thinking about, talking about and preparing for my favorite time of year!

Todays current obsession is anything and everything peppermint and i'm not talking your bog standard After Eight mint! Stripy candy canes and chocolate makes for a winning combination and this year I think I will grabbing the cellophane bags and a reel of ribbon and make peppermint bark to give out! 

Excitement starts here. 


  1. omg how delicious do they all look...definitely inspired me to look into recipes for these things. Talking about being too early for Christmas, I got my first Christmas card today from one of the girls on my uni course. Cannot wait for Christmas now :) xx

  2. I know what you mean I start getting into that Christmas feel as soon as Halloween is over too! These recipes look so good, especially the candy cane fudge and peppermint hot cocoa! I think I may try the cocoa later today!

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