Shortbread fail...

I wasn't going to write this blog post but then I thought, you're in it with me for the successes so why not the failures too! We all have 'oh f*&k' moments after all and with baking they can be easy to come by!

Today has been a shortbread fail. It does however, highlight how food photography can get your hopes up a little too much! I totally buy into the idea of the image I see. I want to be able to recreate something like the photo. When that doesn't work out, I want to throw the baking tray across the room. OK... more like moan about it here and then eat whatever i've made but you get the idea.

Recently I found a recipe for shortbread buttons and I have been waiting all week to bake them. I'm a sucker for anything cute looking and quite frankly, I really want to eat a pastel colour biscuit! The photo below is what I thought they would end up looking like...

There is a beautiful hand drawn recipe that you can download, print out and keep too! 

{Click to download recipe}

Unfortunately, what I didn't notice was the button biscuits in the first photo and all subsequent photos on the blog were all unbaked, so when mine came out of the oven looking like this...

I was not impressed. 

The biscuits themselves taste nice and remind me of school baking classes. This coupled with the fact they look pretty crap makes them just a bit blah for my liking. In hindsight, I would use this recipe and just make plain biscuits in the pastel colours. 

I also put these in after cooking a roast chicken so I think the oven was a little bit too hot to start with hence the slight browning on the edges. 

The long and short of it is, the recipe itself is fine but don't beat yourself up too much if it comes out of the oven looking a little 'rustic'. I'm sure Jamie Oliver would agree. 


  1. They still look lovely, I'd definitely eat them anyway!!x

  2. I ate them and with every bite moaned about how they looked haha!! x