Scandinavian style felt heart Christmas tree decoration

You'll need:

1 sheet of cream felt
Red & white thread (You can also use embroidery silk) 
Small beads
Heart template
Small piece of ribbon
Make yourself a heart template with some cardboard and then cut out 2 squares of felt. Secure both layers of felt and the template together with a pin and cut around the heart.

Take one of the heart layers and thread a needle using the red cotton. To sew the stars, first sew a plus sign + and then sew on a smaller X across it. 
Sew as many of the stars into your heart as you like and then add on some of your chosen beads in random places. 

Once you have decorated the front to your satisfaction, put your 2 hearts together and with red thread, start sewing together using a blanket stitch. When you reach the middle of the heart, fold a piece of ribbon in half to make a loop, cover with the felt and continue to sew. If you are not sure how to do a blanket stitch, check out the video below!

Continue to stitch around your heart but leave a small gap to insert your filling giving the heart some dimension. Once you have padded out your heart, sew up the small gap and your done! 

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  1. This sounds ridiculous but I've only just learnt how to do a blanket stitch! They make things look so much neater!

  2. It really does make a difference! It would be even neater if I wasn't scared of my sewing machine too! lol xx