Pom pom tutorial & garland

Pom poms are so easy to make, and can be used for so many things, yet maybe you are like me and haven't made one since school? Here's a quick tutorial to refresh your memory!
1) You'll need:

1 piece of cardboard
A pair of SHARP scissors
A compass 

2) Use your compass to make a template by drawing 2 concentric circles on your piece of card. The size of the outside circle with determine the size of your finished pom pom. Mine is 2". Alternatively you can download and print out a template {here}

3) Cut a 2 meter length of wool. Hold your 2 templates together, back to back, and start wrapping your wool around. As and when you run of out wool, just cut off another length and keep on wrapping. This process can take a little while depending on the size of your pom pom so watch something on TV/Youtube or a film and get wrapping!

4) Once it becomes difficult to pass the wool through the hole you're done! You can completely close up the hole by threading a tapestry needled with your wool but I am far too lazy for that!
5) This is where having sharp scissors come into play, start to snip the wool on the outside edge until you have a little gap to put your scissors in between your 2 templates. Continue cutting all the way around. 

6) Cut another length of wool and insert it between your two templates, tie a couple of knots to hold the middle in place.

7) Remove the templates by either cutting them off or gently easing them off each end. 

8) There you have one finished, fluffy pom pom! If you have any little ends sticking out that are too long just snip them off and into shape. 

To make a garland: Make a bunch of pom poms and either tie together using the wool left from making your middle knot (see photo 8) or by threading a needle with wool and sewing pompoms onto the length of it!

More ideas for your pom poms here/here/here/here :-)


  1. love the fireplace its looking lovely and festive! :) x