I want to wish all of my lovely blog readers in the US a very happy Thanks Giving! I hope you are all having an amazing day with family and friends.

I'm still working away on tutorials that I will upload over the weekend but I did receive my parcel from The Stateside Candy Co. and I can't tell you how excited I am to make some pulled pork rolls tomorrow using the recipe I found on Pinterest! That place is dangerous for serial eaters like myself! 

I use this website for buying my canned pumpkin and, if i'm really in the mood to treat myself, to buy Froot Loops cos I love em'!! They are however, £7.50 a box so I only get them once in a blue moon. I hear there is a Christmas variety of Cap'N Crunch! Why-o-why can't we have that in the UK! 

I also had to buy a bag of peppermint candies from there too as I couldn't find any for love nor money in our shops. How is that even possible? Do we really not manufacture or sell a round, red and white peppermint!? I haven't decided what to do with them yet, I might put them in a glass vase with a chunky church candle or I might glue them to a polystyrene cone and make a christmas tree ornament. I might even have enough mints for both!

Once again, HAPPY THANKS GIVING from both me & Sweep!

PS. Behind the bag of peppermints is a vintage tea towel that I got from ebay for 99p! I thought I might start collecting them but my wonderful best friend Sean seems to think this might be a step too far. Mwwahahah!! Someone fetch me a cat jumper!!! 


  1. I didn't know about this website - bye bye wages! I get so jealous of all the gorgeous things people make on pinterest with "everyday" ingredients that we can't get our hands on!

  2. Welcome to my world!! Welcome!!! lol!!

  3. I didn't realize the UK doesn't have Thanksgiving. On the bright side, less turkeys will be killed:) I learn something new everyday and sweeps is soo adorable.

  4. i wish we had thanksgiving in the uk, and black friday too =[


  5. Nope we totally miss out on Thanks Giving! And Sweep is adorable... when She's not barking her head off at something.. then she's a little s***. lol x

  6. Hi Lisa, Just wanted to you let you know that I received the washi tapes - thanks :).
    Also thanks for the little gingerbread man, he will deffinitely have a home on my tree!
    Katie x

  7. Hi there! I'm a new follower and I just wanted to say that I love your blog, I find your pictures and thematology so heart-warming ;) I'm planning to make these sugar almonds myself during the week! Yum yum xx

  8. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me! :-) Defiantly try out the sugar almonds, and let me know what you think! xx