Old t-shirt, new necklace tutorial

My dog Sweep (For future reference, we call her Goat or Sweepie goat so if you ever see that, I am referring to her not a pet goat!) went into the vets this morning to be spayed. Therefore, I was trying to keep myself occupied until I could go pick her up. I know I am biased, but I can't handle the cuteness of her!

My mission was to find a quick and easy tutorial, taking something we all might have hanging around the house, and turning it into something new without spending any money. It's so easy to get carried away buying different bits and pieces for craft projects, but sometimes, you want something new that costs £0, totally free, not a penny, nada.

I introduce to you the "turn an old t-shirt into a necklace" tutorial which I found {Here} on the lovely Everyday Sugar blog.

I am surprisingly pleased with the results for a first attempt! I am most definitely going to make a few more and add on some beads or some sort of embellishment but even plain and simple works a treat.

Wear it long!

Double it up!

PS. Sweep is back home now, she's had a bowl of roast chicken and is sound asleep, no doubt still drugged up on her doggie meds!


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