If at first you don't succeed....

Meet my new arch nemesis, the crochet granny square. I have spent hours (Yes HOURS) "trying" to successfully crochet just one correctly. I have so far, managed a big fat zero. I am pulling my hair out. I am ready to have a mental breakdown. Dramatic? Me.....?

Let me first point out, I am a crochet novice. I saw a post on granny squares via one of my new favorite blogs Deer Little Fawn and was instantly drawn to them and decided I needed to hunt out a crochet hook and some wool. Look at them! Perfection! Granny would be proud of these babies! I have square envy.

As I didn't even know the basics, I found a series of tutorials {I am currently trying out this one here} and set to work thinking "how hard can it be?"

I'll let my photo answer that.

We shall call this piece of work "Arrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh F@!K"

I *think* my problem seems to be with the slip stitches between each round, I just can't seem to finish each round off correctly. If anyone has any tips or can link me up with how to sort this that would be great!

If at first you don't succeed.... buy yourself a blanket? hahah.

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  1. Granny squares are so hard to make! When I first started crochet I couldn't make one either now that I've crocheted for 3 years I should try again hopefully I'll be able to make one this time!

  2. Hi! The first time I tried to make a granny square I totally did not understand the instructions and mine looked just like yours.
    I don't make them too often but I have an unfinished blanket that is one huge granny square.
    I think when you get to the end of a round, just look to see that all sides of your square have equal amount of stitches and then slip stitch into the beginning chain-3.
    Once you master this, you'll be a granny square expert!
    Email me if you need any help, I'm not an expert but I've made a few toys and things.
    Good luck! vilaygrrl @ gmail.com

  3. If you give them a go Michelle, let me know how you get on and would love to see what you make out of them! :-)

    Thank you so much for the advice Vilay! MUCH appreciated!!! Be warned, you might end up with a crochet SOS email at some point!!! :-) X

  4. Why don't you try watching a tutorial - I found it easier to learn like this over reading a book - if you type 'granny square tutorial' into YouTube you will find plenty. Good luck :)