How to make a gift bag from an envelope

Quick. Easy. Fun. You can also decorate these SO many different ways.

Here's how to make a gift bag from any envelope you happen to have laying around.

1) Find an envelope of any size and seal it shut like you would normally. You can at this stage print a design on the front if you wish. Here's a great gift tag version you can download for free from graphic designer Jessica Jones.

2) Cut off one end of the envelope.

3) Make a fold on the left, right and bottom of the envelope around 1" wide or slightly less.

4) I turned my envelope over and added some pink lace deco tape as I had a spare piece hanging around doing nothing!

5)  With the bag over one hand, push the bottom center crease down. This will make the flat bottom and cause the sides to buckle out. Then you can crease and glue down the 2 triangle flaps.

6) Using some double sided tape or some glue, stick the triangle corners down so they are flat along the bottom. This is what your basic bag will now look like.

7) Finally decide how you want to decorate it further and close using either some ribbon through a couple of punched holes or why not stick on one of the origami bow's!

{Bow on the front}

{Bow on the back of bag}

{Tied with ribbon front}

{Tied with ribbon back}


  1. for step 5, could you explain it a bit more to me please XD. thank you!

  2. Of course! With the bag over one hand, push the bottom center crease down. This will make the flat bottom and cause the sides to buckle out. Then you can glue down the 2 triangle flaps.

    I hope this makes a bit more sense? Let me know if you need more explaining, always helps me improve the tutorials! :-)

    Lisa X

  3. This is so creative! I normally just toss my old envelopes in the recycling but I'll definitely be giving this a go :-)

  4. It's quite handy if you need a little gift bag for something at short notice, cheaper than going out and buying one too! lol :-)

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  6. yes it did help! thank you! :)

  7. This is so creative...I have old Gift Card envelopes to use for it..thanks you share it.

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  10. This is wonderful! My 5th grade females students love origami, and your instructions were great! Now I just have to print them so that I will be able to do it again for Christmas!

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