Folksy find: Little Red Press

Recently I needed to  buy a birthday card for someone and I always hate going into the big chain shops like Clinton Cards as I find them the dullest place to browse. At Christmas it's even more of a no go, it's basically hell on earth!

Unless it's a last minute thing, I always buy my cards from either Folksy or Etsy. There is hundreds of handmade cards from pretty to qwirky, amazingly priced, high quality and usually from the nicest sellers such as Hannah from Little Red Press.

Her shop shows off the traditional craft of letter press printing and she cuts the card, mixes the ink, sets the type and prints each piece by hand. The result is just beautiful.

Not only was I beyond pleased with my purchase which even arrived the next day, I just felt like the whole process was a lot more personal and friendly and that's just the sort of person and business I want to give my custom to.

Do stop by her store here & and give a "Like" on facebook

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my cards, Lisa. What a fun blog - I'll keep popping back!