Book V iPad

This is a bit of a random thought post but to be honest, I have spent the last couple of hours watching X Factor while making endless pom pom's and my hands have cramped so I needed a break!

Puff loved the pom pom action

Everyone who know's me, know's I have a thing for books, like, actually owning the physical copy. I can spend far too long googling bookcases (Yes I know this is a little bit looser-ish) and day dreaming about a library room at home, shelves piled with books and lit with fairy lights.

I recently got an iPad and quickly started to fill it up with books. I actually love reading on my iPad but then I started to develop an anxiety about not having the paperback version so I have been going out and buying it. Slightly anal, yes, but we all get our kicks in different ways right.... right?!!!

Anyway, one thing I do want to say is, the iPad does bring a unique and exciting charm to classics. How can anyone not want to read Alice in Wonderland again after seeing this...

I also want to get my hands on a copy of "Il ├ętait une fois..." by Benjamin Lacombe and I have now spied it on Amazon! Yet another thing to add to the Christmas wish list! You are never to old to collect popup books OK!

Just a thought I wanted to share... If you have any book recommendations then please do drop me a comment/message and you can also add me on Goodreads which is a fantastic way to keep track of what you and your friends have been reading and get some great suggestions on what to read next from the hundreds of lists and groups!


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