Beautiful disaster

Allow me to introduce my beautiful disaster... an ALMOST GRANNY SQUARE! I know it's not quite right yet but this is none the less progress and that makes me happy!

For anyone interested, I have been following this series of Youtube tutorials which seem to have helped. You will still need to understand the basic stitches first.


  1. Oh you did a fantastic job!! I love the color combination, too.
    I love that youtube is there when you get stuck, it is a lifesaver!
    Crocheting is such a great stress reliever and an easy thing to do while watching tv or listening to music.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with all those granny squares.

  2. Youtube always comes to the rescue! I swear you can find everything on there!! I've managed to get the hang of it a lot more now so I need to go and pick some wool to match my room as I want to make a blanket! I think I prefer crochet to knitting!! X