90s friendship bracelet tutorial

Before silly bands, before "shag" bands (nope i'm not talking in the 1800s here!) me and my friends were swapping friendship bracelets that we would make from wool or embroidery silks. Every Thursday I would go to the local market with my mum and get a couple of pounds worth of different colour silks and it was just the best thing coming home, picking the colour combination and knotting like there was no tomorrow!

As layering up your wrist with bracelets AND 90s style is currently doing the rounds, I thought it would be fun to post a link to the DIY friendship Bracelet tutorial from Honestly WTF.

These bracelets are super easy to make and if you haven't made one before, I suggest using wool as it makes the knots a lot easier to undo if you go wrong. I also prefer wool for a chunkier bracelet and, lets face it, it's much quicker because the knots are bigger!



  1. i am off out the the shops to buy the silk to make these! they look really pretty! do you have any recommendations for cheap craft shops or websites?? xx

  2. Until you start buying larger quantities it doesn't unfortunately get much cheaper than eBay and Hobbycraft! There is also a good supply section on Etsy :-) xx